Thank you for your interest in writing for MT Monthly! We are looking for clear, concise articles related to the profession of medical transcription, as well as advances in medicine.

Articles should be from 700 to 2000 words in length and can be submitted via or on 3.5-inch disk (we can accept most formats, but please call us at 865-483-2332 or to verify). Send articles to MT Monthly, 106 Norway Lane, Oak Ridge, TN 37830. A printout of the article should be included. References should be cited for material taken from outside sources and for the spellings and definitions of any specialized terminology supplied in word lists. If your article is published, we will add three to six months to your subscription! 

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Article Ideas ... what our readers would like to see!

Book and software reviews WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Grammar, punctuation, and style WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) The legalities of the medical record

Business issues WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Industry News WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Sample reports and terminology lists

Computer/software WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Educating/mentoring future MTs

Technology Updates, e.g., the computer-based patient record, voice recognition, transcription equipment, etc.

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MT Proficiency Check

Take an interesting report (around 300 words) and make up 10 errors. Enclose the proficiency check, as well as answer key (explanations of errors are appreciated). If you proficiency check is used, we'll add three months to your subscription!

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Bloopers are always appreciated, whether you send us one or a page full. 

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